Weddings & Receptions!

No two weddings & receptions are the same and Derby City DJ will work with you to see that your special day is a one of kind day that you will remember for all times and so will your guests!
Unlike a DJ in a specific type of club, people at weddings and receptions will most likely have widely varied musical tastes and needs. Over the years, Derby City DJ has compiled a large collection of music to support a wide variety of tastes and needs to ensure that you and your guests are happy with the entertainment that they are being provided.


Planning the party of the century? Do you want your entertainment to be the life of the party? Selecting the right DJ and music for your party is of the utmost importance to make the party a success. Derby City DJ has spent years collecting and compiling music to make the most of any celebratory occasionP

Corporate Events!

Have a big business promotion coming up and need to make an impression? Make your promotional event one of the most successful days your business has ever seen! Selecting the right DJ and music for your promotional event is vital to making the promotion to your guests. Derby City DJ has spent years collecting and compiling music to make the most of any promotional event !

Elegance & Excitement in Entertainment

Derby City DJ is THE Midwest’s mobile DJ company of choice for:

~Weddings & Receptions
~Corporate Events

Every event is tailored to each individual client’s needs to ensure that the client receives exactly the entertainment and experience that they desire.

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Derby City DJ’s expertise extends beyond music. The level of service and professionalism required will bring elegance and excitement to any occasion.

So, Whether you are making plans for the grandest of wedding receptions, the office holiday party, the next big school dance, a blockbuster promotion for your business or the party of a lifetime; Derby City DJ is the choice to make for your entertainment needs!