4 tips for planning a wedding during COVID

In a constant effort to help you make the most of your special day, Derby City DJ does extensive research on event planning & preparation. Even if you DON’T book us for your wedding event, you deserve every bit of information that you can find that will help you along the way. In these posts we share articles from industry leaders and web sites on how to get the most of, not just your money, but your efforts, on creating the wedding day that is perfect for YOU!

Derby City DJ does Weddings & Receptions!

Unlike a DJ in a specific type of club, people at weddings and receptions will most likely have widely varied musical tastes and needs. Over the years, Derby City DJ has compiled a large collection of music to support a wide variety of tastes and needs to ensure that you and your guests are happy with the entertainment that they are being provided.

In realizing this, whatever your musical tastes and requirements are is what you will hear. Derby City DJ is also very familiar with traditional dances such as ‘father/bride’ & ‘mother/son’ dances, first dances as a couple and group/line dances and has a very up to date music library that will surely keep you and your guests entertained.

There is never a fee for meetings and consultations. Derby City DJ is always happy to be of service and willing to work hand in hand with you as well as the other wedding vendors (i.e. wedding planner, venue manager, caterer) that have been booked for your event.

No two weddings & receptions are the same and Derby City DJ will work with you to see that your special day is a one of kind day that you will remember for all times and so will your guests!

The process begins with choosing Derby City DJ as your wedding reception entertainment provider. Each and every event is custom tailored to the clients wishes, wants and needs. Prices are all inclusive, meaning you get MC, music and lights all in one package. To find out more about how Derby City DJ can be of service to you on your special day, simply fill out the information request form and someone will be in contact with you as quickly as possible.

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